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Sage ContaPlus Flex is a tool that's oriented towards all those businesses that need to be in control of their daily accounting. This program allows you to access such information from your PC thanks to it being stored in the cloud.

This program includes all types of features related to the accounting management of the company's books. It's especially useful for businesses that have more than 20 workers, no matter what type of company it is.

Among the functions related to accounting management are ones that focus on analysis and budgeting, through which you can obtain a broader vision of your company that will allow you to make necessary decisions given the particular situation. It also includes the principal IVA/IGIC, IRPF, and Society Tax modules that will help you carry out fiscal and registration obligations.

Other important functions included in Sage ContaPlus Flex are the management of expirations, the monitoring of capital assets (with an automatic creation of payment plans), and predefined plans that complement the other functions, giving you total control of your accounting.

Thanks to all these features that can be controlled by Sage ContaPlus Flex, you'll be able to avoid mistakes by simplifying and automating some of the business' most important tasks.

Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa
Architecture: i386

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